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    The company is devoted to research and development of the application of a metal sheet cold bending technology to the field of curtain walls, doors and windows. The traditional curtain wall, door and window technologies basically refer to structural systems which take aluminum alloy profiles or steel as base materials, and the structure is required to be more complicated and sophisticated and the performance is required to be more marsh and comprehensive in the aspect of current practical engineering and application, so the original technologies can only achieve unilateral performance or structural satisfaction and cannot take the requirements of various aspects into account in all directions. However, the steel structure system made by cold roll forming can meet the requirements functionally, more can meet the requirements of various aspects in performance, and can meet low-carbon and energy-saving environmental protection requirements which are advocated by the country; and its material is more favorable for the recycling of waste materials. According to the characteristics of steel profiles, our company researches and develops profile models in different fields so as to ensure that the industrial structure of the company trends to be perfect.


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