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    Kinoge has always been devoted to the research, development and manufacture of high-quality steel frame door, window and curtain wall systems. Through years of talent cultivation and reservation, now the company has a group of high-quality and high-tech researchers and developers, obtaining about 20 national patents. It solves a series of technical problems of glass curtain walls, doors and windows in the fields of safety, fire prevention, heat insulation, thermal preservation and energy saving, environmental protection, etc. and popularizes the methods.
    According to market demand and the application of practical engineering and on the basis of the previous research achievements, the R&D team of the company constantly researches and develops new products, and updates and upgrades products. By combining the cutting-edge technology in the field of cold forming technology, the company develops and produces high-end products with higher production efficiency and more reasonable product structure, constantly filling the domestic blank. 


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