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    Cold Roll Forming Process for Door and Window Profiles

    The forming of steel door and window profiles is a key link of the production of steel doors and windows. The color plate door and window profiles directly affect the physical properties of doors and windows.

    Cold roll forming is a novel material-saving, energy-saving and high-efficiency metal forming technology. Cold roll forming is to constantly and transversely bend metal plates and strips such as coils and strips by using multi-pass forming rolls which are sequentially configured so as to manufacture profiles with specific sections. Only the bending deformation exists in the roll type cold roll forming process. The thickness of a deformed material is kept unchanged in the forming process except that bending angles of a blank are locally and slightly thinned. The machining method is particularly suitable for the machining of high-precision products with long shapes and large batches.

    Steel door and window profiles are made by a roll type continuous cold roll forming process. During forming, the tail of a previous coil and the head of a next coil are aligned and butt-welded, so that blank strips can continuously enter a forming machine for forming. The forming process is efficient, high-yield and universal.

    The forming process has the main advantages that:

    (1) Strip coils are low in cost and cut loss, so the total cost of a material is reduced.

    (2) Profiles with complicated shapes can be machined. 

    (3) The distortion of heads and tails of profiles and the opening are reduced. 

    (4) The operation is almost continuous, so the productivity is improved. 

    The products made by cold roll forming are used for various fields such as architecture, automobile manufacturing, mining machinery manufacturing, agricultural and light machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and transportation, petrochemical power industry, instruments and meters, containers, textile machinery, freeways, metal goods shelves, civilian electrical appliances, daily necessities manufacturing and so on, and play an important role in the development of economy.

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